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WellnessLiving Software

WellnessLiving is your one-stop business management solution

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Jonalyn Henle

Owner, Bikram Yoga Tracy

”Coming from MindBody my 2 biggest fears about switching software were how my customers would take it, and all my client data coming over correctly.

Well let me tell you my customers love it, and the migration was so simple. I was really hesitant to switch, but I’m really glad I did.

I am now saving over $250 per month because I no longer need to use Heal Code, Constant Contact, Perkville and am enjoying so many more benefits."

97% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Powerful Built-in Web Apps

We built our software for you. Complete with everything you need to successfully run your business. 

10.3 Milli   n



Millions of users book, pay, and

review with WellnessLiving

If you're migrating from MindBody or one of our other competitors, we will do all the data migration work for you.

Seamless Migration of Historical Data

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